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2017 EGGfest @ The Woodbury Farm Market

What Is An EGGfest?

An event where Egg Enthusiasts and Tasters gather for a festival type event dedicated to the Big Green Egg. Egghead chefs showcase their skills and share culinary creations all cooked on the Big Green Egg. Tasters enjoy samples of unique recipes such as Pulled Pork, Pizza, and even desserts. Eggfests are the perfect opportunity for current Egg owners to enhance their Eggsperience as well as beginners to learn more about the Egg.

The Highlights

Our Big Green Egg Professionals

We had the great opportunity to see what our area’s big green egg representatives can do on this collosal cooking machine!  They get to travel to multiple businesses that are selling the big green eggs within the northeast and have been aquiring the best recipes to cook on the big green egg to showcase what it can do.  Take a look at this AMAZING Bacon Wrapped Pineapple…It was delicious!

Ken Witmyer from White Dog Barbeque

Ken Witmyer from @whitedogbbq stopped by to demonstrate the smoking ability of The Big Green Egg!  He had the longest day of all of us to smoke the most delicous pork butt we have ever tasted.  He gave us an amazing demonstration on how to pull pork after it’s been cooked on the big green egg… and we don’t mind telling you that it was EGGcelent!

Chef Suchada

Don’t let the American Tradition of the Backyard BBQ blind you to the fact that The Big Green Egg is a very VERSATILE piece of equipment!  Professional Thai Chef, Suchada Palmer stopped by to show us how to add some spice to your grilling.  She made Kai Yang, a Thai grilled chicken that was amazing.  What is even more amazing was the fact that she was a first timer on the Big Green Egg!  She showed us how easy it was to learn to use the egg and get amazing results!

Woodbury Brewing Company

What goes great with an amazing BBQ Event?  How about a frosty glass of BEER?!  Woodbury Brewing Company stopped by the EGGfest to educate our guests on their upcoming Grand Opening!  These guys have been hard at work growing hops, brewing beer, and developing an amazing experience for you to enjoy at their new shop right across the street from Woodbury Farm Market.  Keep in touch with them for news and amazing deals as they get closer to their grand opening!

Woodbury Farm Market | Woodbury Brewing Company | EGGfest

EGGfest 2018

We thought our EGGfest was such a great success that we are already planning next years event!  You can be sure, now that we are a CERTIFIED PLATINUM DEALER of The Big Green Egg, that we will be doing this and other events in the future.  Stop by the shop on weekends….we might just have a surprise tasting for you!!  If you are interested in becoming a vendor during our events, please reach out to Joe!  info@woodburyfarmmarket.com

Woodbury Farm Market | Woodbury Brewing Company | EGGfest